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Cairns and the region is Australia’s premier regional destination and is perfectly positioned for conducting serious business in Australia’s most stunning location.

Cairns, the gateway city to the region, is highly regarded because of its location, infrastructure and world class facilities and attractions. It is Australia’s northern gateway to Asia and beyond, and a major service provider into Northern Australia.

As a developed city in the tropics we have the technology, health, education and social structures within a politically stable environment to capitalise upon our natural environment and our global location.

Cairns and the region has a bright future, with population estimated to grow by more than 90,000 by 2026, accompanied by major infrastructure development.

The region’s economic development will be driven by its existing industries and the development of new industries.

The trend towards a more digitally based economy will provide a transformational opportunity for Cairns and regional communities as more business activity is conducted through high-speed broadband. The availability of high speed broadband in Cairns and the region means regional and remote businesses will be able to connect and interact with domestic and international markets like never before, enabling greater innovation, facilitating new business models and improving regional productivity.

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Welcome from the Chair of Advance Cairns

The Tropical North Queensland Region encompassing 26 Local Government Areas covering a land mass of over 383, 558 km2 and home to Cairns, The Tropical World City, is the perfect destination for business and investment.  It’s globally recognised for it’s natural attributes and diverse landscape making it both an international tourism destination and a desirable lifestyle region.

With a foundation built by early pioneers in mining, timber and grazing the region is a valuable contributor to the sustainable global growth agenda.  The region already accounts for a Gross Regional Product in excess of $12 billion and exports in excess of $6 billion per annum.  Our region consists of major industries in the Construction, Resources, Agriculture, Tourism, Health and Education sectors, plus growth industries such as Tropical Expertise, Disaster Management and Clean Energy Production.    

Our region’s economic base founded on its natural resources and unique natural environment is also geographically well placed to take advantage of the growing markets in Asia and the Pacific.  The region is home to 9 commercial Ports including an International Cruise Liner Terminal, as well as Australia’s only non-capital city Major International Airport. 

Our region is home to a diverse and vibrant multicultural population contributing to the dynamism of the region.  The global social connectivity that this population brings is a truly valuable asset for any organisation wishing to establish a presence in the region.

This website aims to provide you with a list of investment opportunities immediately available as well as information on the region.  In addition it’s also an avenue by which you can list your projects.  I therefore invite you to take a closer look and contact us for further information.


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